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Hope In The Darkness – Album Pre-Order


Han Geng is truly one of a kind. He makes music only  for his own pleasure. Why do I  say this? It  is because all the tracks on his 2nd album are out and can be down-loaded online.

Or you can watch them on YT with English subtitles courtesy of the up-loader, Ariel Tong.

Here are the video clips on each song.










And here is  where you can make your order for his 2nd Album..Hope In The Darkness..







Credits: as tagged in pictures..and Ariel @YT


Geng Xin Concert DVD

[Image: a64b5803970081de78af310.jpg]

Baidu Entertainment

Following after the release of the new album <Geng Xin> and the two concerts, on the 8th of September, Han Geng, as a guest in Baidu Entertainment revealed that he will be releasing a new work – a celebratory concert DVD. Other than talking about the behind scenes and stories of preparation for the album and the concert, during the interview, the staffs allowed fans to interact closely with Han Geng, Han Geng also personally designed a T-shirt on the spot and gave it to his fans.

For the filming of MV
Neither sleep nor rest for 2 days and 2 nights

After leaving Super Junior and becoming a solo artiste, Han Geng did not put a stop to his career in this industry and release his first solo album <Geng Xin> in July. To produce this album, Han Geng went to as far as America and got help from Michael Jackson’s dancing team to choreograph his dance. For this album, famous producers in the industry were also invited to work together. Talking about the album, Han Geng stated that he gave in all his effort for every process during the production, “Every step and every detail while producing this album, they are not easy, especially during the preparation, I slept at 4AM, 5AM in the morning, there were a lot of things that we need to discuss about.”

Other than participating personally in production of this album, Han Geng also put many thoughts into the production of the MV. He had already thought of filming a movie-like MV long ago, and <Fire>’s MV just happened to make his wish come true. But when filming for <Fire> “I did not sleep for 2 days and 2 nights, everyone did not sleep as well.” When talking about the feeling at the moment, Han Geng couldn’t stop himself and said, “looking at myself then, I just looked so tired, so sleepy, when I closed my eyes, it feels like the whole world is spinning.”

Revealed behind scenes of the concert
DVD would be released in Novemeber

After the release of his album, Han Geng went on immediately to hold two solo concerts in Beijing. Talking about his experience for this concert, Han Geng expressed that every memory of the concert is still fresh in his mind, “because this stage belongs solely to my fans and myself, that concert left a deep impression in me.” During the concert, other than focusing on the music and dance, the changing of outfits also left a deep impression in the audiences, but changing of outfits so frequently, mistakes were made as well, “Actually I was supposed to wear a red jacket, but in the end, I forgot.”

According to Han Geng, the concert DVD would be released in November. In this DVD, other than showing the full concert, behind scenes and behind stories of the concert would be recorded inside as well, “The DVD would be a celebratory version,” 7 MVs of the songs in the new album would be put in the DVD as well, Han Geng said, “footages of me practicing for the concert and some fun stuffs would be included as well.”

Han Geng personally designed a T-shirt for his fans
Revealed that he wants to have his own line of clothing
[Image: 0988141ecddf125d811f247.jpg]

In a segment, “Bai Bian Da Ming Xing”, Han Geng transformed into a designer. Using a pair of scissors and markers, he turned a normal Baidu T-shirt into a unique Han Geng’s fashion T-shirt. The fan who got this T-shirt is a boy who would be studying overseas soon, being able to get a chance like that before he goes overseas, this excited fan expressed that, “I will study hard overseas, I will serve the country once I graduate! And, I will treat you as my role model. I will persist and work hard!” After Han Geng finished designing the T-shirt, he expressed that he is interested in fashion designing, “I really like to have my own line of clothing, but now, the time doesn’t allow.”

Source: Baidu Entertainment
Shared by: onewhomust @ geng-bao.net
Translated by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net
(Take out with full credits)

Evaluation Sheet On Geng Xin the Album


Evaluation of Han Geng <Geng Xin>: Satisfactory Standard, value for his effort

Translation: huiwensg@geng-bao.net

Yi Wang Entertainment music evaluation room
Han Geng who had been on hiatus, is finally back, and he would be challenging the Chinese music industry alone. After experiencing his glorious days in a group, would he be able to take up the role of being a solo male singer? How an idol singer would challenges singing, ‘a fixed target’? And, with a broader road ahead, what kind of surprises would he give us? In the new album, <Geng Xin>, there seems to be an answer.

After gaining much life experiences in Super Junior, many different factors made him determined to come back to the Chinese music industry alone. This is a challenge that he have not met, although previously, Super Junior had many performances in the Chinese music industry and he had a feel of what the Chinese market like, but that is still a big difference to being a solo artiste. From focusing on synchronizing and cooperating in a group to building a strong solo male artiste image, how to clearly define an image and increasing one’s influencing power is one of the important points.

Although still an idol singer, but in the album, there are more directions on how to let this ‘idol’ image to become more productive. Therefore, we saw a Han Geng who improved tremendously on his music, one whose voice is strong and capable in slow ballads, and in the MV, a stylish boy. The 3 main songs in the album, <Fire>, <Say No>, <Holding An Umbrella> have totally brought out the scenarios of breaking free, no fears of any difficulties and pursuing a new life, and finally, been rewarded with happiness and freedom. This is really like this personal experience, after listening to this album, it will let you see a whole brand new Han Geng.

Design of Packaging
It is a simple cover with only Han Geng and the firm expression in his eyes. There are no flowery stunts or any covering. This is matching with the album’s name, <Geng Xin>. This hinted that this is an album that he prepared whole-heartedly for his fans. There would be no other shadows, and is no longer affiliated to any people. In the light background, Han Geng in the snowy surrounding is still persistent, the wings by his side also indicated that he will take off and breaks down every barriers.

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In 2001, you were selected to join a company which you thought would helped you realized your dreams..Since the beginning, you have always cherished freedom..You had two options then..One is to join the country’s national dance troupe with board and lodging included…The other was to walk into the unknown and uncertain world where you knew nobody and speak no foreign language..far away from your comfort zone..and the security of your own family!

You have always been a patriotic and loyal person ..You were proud of your own identity and never bow  your head down  in shame but always lift up your head high and proudly showing the world what you can achieve…and give! You never forget who you are and never let people put you down..!! You hid your pain and anguish so well that the world at large couldn’t see through your facade…You have become a trained professional..yes to your own detriment ! You come from a minority group and yet that didn’t deter you in the pursuit of your dreams..You have such confident and faith in yourself which proved to be your forte and strength in the days ,months and years that follow…! You stood out among the thousands and millions.!!

In the naivety of your youth, you thought that what you have experienced ,you could return and expand in  your land ..but soon your dreams became a nightmare..and even the dreams and hopes which you clung so fiercely with both your hands seemed to slowly fade away into thin air…!!

Han Geng…. on November 6,2005 you debuted as a member of Super Junior..in Korea..In the following months and years, you had encountered many pitfalls and setbacks yet you persevered till today !

3 years down the road, on 4th April,2008 you debuted as the leader of SJM in China…thinking that you have finally realized your dreams of working in the land of your birth..You came back  full of enthusiasms  and expectations and hopes..You soon realized that was not to be..!! In a short period of two years, your hopes were dashed..once again..which tested the last vestiges of your dreams..you spoke with finality on 21 December year 2009..You decided to salvage what is left of your sanity and dreams..by breaking free of the tethers which bound you to the stake..

Since then you have been silent and nothing was heard about you until the day you decided to burst onto the scene “metamorphosisly” flying out from the cocoon and became the  HAN GENG  who has always been there beneath the surface…! You showed the world what you yourself  described as the “New” Han Geng..on that unforgettable date..7.17 & 7.18..

Now today …7.27…your first ever solo album officially went on sale…!!!

Looking back..this was the day all Gengfans are waiting for..!!

All Gengfans are rejoicing with you..today..!

Finally, you have once again regained  back your purpose and perspective and put them in their right order..

You have traveled one full circle and back to the place where you had set out 7 years ago…!!

So what significant is placed on the number 7..?

The number 7 is usually equated with the idea of perfection.

In the universal language of mind, in which the spiritual works were written, 7  means control.





I Am My Own Man


[ FIRE ]

Han Geng, you have made your point…thank you..!


Han Geng’s main choreographer is a Korean dancer, Park Yong Yi.

” The FIRE literally symbolizes the tiger’s body and the dragon’s head with hands movement. We call it ” Tigon Dancing”, Tiger + Dragon = Tigon :)

I really like this song so much.. probably a guy thing…-.-

I can proudly say any typical dancer cannot digest it easily. It’s very important to how to express it.

Sooner the thrilled MV with strong beats will be revealed.

Originally it was planned to be the title song, but My logo became the title song probably due to the MJ’s PR effect.

* choreographer: Park Yong Yi

* Dancer team: Dragon Family

The Race Is On!(Pre-order Geng’s 1st Album)


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Genggeng at home

Hey you !! Han Geng..!!
Your lurking….!!!
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