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Because You are Han Geng

Congratulations to Han Geng on winning the World Music Award – Best Male Artist…!


In just 4 short years, Han Geng had swept 3 major International awards and all for his work as a singer. This is the irony, because years ago, he was labelled as having weak vocals and not a good singer.. yes I admit that he is not as good as other powerful singers BUT his voice has a unique and attractive quality which made him successful in his selections of songs. That is the key to his success and the secret weapon he has is GengRice who believed in him and supported him through thick and thin. If he is successful, then his GFs too will be reflected on favourably. No matter what happens, his Wings of Love will be by his side for the next 20 years. That was their pact with him..


In 2010, he…

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To WMA Or Not ?


Because You are Han Geng

This has been on my nerves far too long that I eventually forgot about it totally!!  Sometimes I wondered if they would ever get on with it or just simply cancel the whole thing!! I even doubted the authenticity of it all…Mind you this organisation has Prince  Albert ll of Monaco as its patron! This was given publicity in 2012 and hasn’t brought to fruition until now 2014…and have been  keeping my fingers crossed!  Keeping them crossed for so long that now they are either glued together or crooked!! hehehehe…

What a joke! It was right after MTV in Germany that they announced this music awards for November of that said year! Then the start of voting frenzy which brought to naught! What a shame! 

Then the organizers announced another date because the first venue chosen was not feasible and logistic wise it was unattainable. So I was patient enough to…

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The Astronaut In Han Geng


Because You are Han Geng

I didn’t realise that it has been 3 months since I updated this blog. Things are getting a bit mundane for me to keep tracking on Han Geng’s whereabouts since he is moving so swiftly in his career.

In my absence, Han Geng has become an entrepreneur by producing his very own signature mobile phone/ cellphone, Gphone. This can be bought online in


Years ago when I first knew of him, I never thought of writing about him in a blog. It was by invitation from the creator of this blog that I was able to write and share my thoughts on Han Geng and you guys have been so gracious about it.

Initially, it was exciting to write about him because his achievements were endless..but as time went by it became monotonous. Why? It is because there is no longer any suspense in his achievements. He seems to…

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Mundane To Magnificient


Because You are Han Geng

Things are getting pretty “royal” for our Han Geng these days.. Nothing is surprising anymore for a guy who has been nominated and shortlisted for the once in a billion years chance of orbiting Earth from space.. !

I shouldn’t be surprised by now for all the unprecedented things that he, as an idol/entertainer, has been doing and achieving ever since he was chosen as a torch-bearer in 2008 Beijing Olympics!

He was even part of the 100 artists chosen to sing in the Olympic song- Beijing Welcomes You…for the 100 days countdown to Beijing Olympics.

and at the same event as a group of sextet- Brothers, Bottoms Up!

Then can anyone remember this? 200 days countdown to Beijing Olympics?

In contrast with what he is up to these days, there is such a huge transformation! From being mundane to magnificent, one can only admire him for his fortitudo attitude…

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Because You are Han Geng

Greetings to Han Geng on his birthday February 9…..


a year older, a year wiser!

You scaled the heights and achieved your dreams!

You sing your way into the hearts of hundreds, nay tens of thousands!

You make the hearts of GengFans flutter and charmed the GengKnights with your banter!

You climbed the ladder of success rung by rung, you defied the odds and circumnavigate the world with an EMA Globe!

You fought off the criticisms by and large and came out determined! You went through black propaganda and came out unfazed!

You opt for family gathering rather than the “live’ grand stage of Spring Gala Night! You value family over fame!

You treasure your friends and keep them close with you; but I say “Keep your enemies closer” for you never know when they  strike!

So we and our readers of this blog would like…

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Because You are Han Geng

I wanted to start this year with something positive and pleasant in this blog of Han Geng’s but it seems that it will be half and half.

For a start, his concert which was scheduled for Thailand in January was postponed indefinitely and so was WMA. Fans were “crazily voting” for him when news came in that due to logistics and visas issues, the event was postponed to a later date pending further announcements.

So what do we do in the meantime? We continue to vote where it is applicable regardless.We continue to “defend” Han Geng! We continue to “protect” him! We continue to “support” him! Maybe some of us are too busy with our private lives that we can’t be consistently  keeping up with his affairs, right?

What I do know is  that Han Geng had a lightning visit to Thailand! What he did there, nobody seems to know!

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Hope In The Darkness – Album Pre-Order


Han Geng is truly one of a kind. He makes music only  for his own pleasure. Why do I  say this? It  is because all the tracks on his 2nd album are out and can be down-loaded online.

Or you can watch them on YT with English subtitles courtesy of the up-loader, Ariel Tong.

Here are the video clips on each song.










And here is  where you can make your order for his 2nd Album..Hope In The Darkness..





Credits: as tagged in pictures..and Ariel @YT