Because You are Han Geng

Congratulations to Han Geng on winning the World Music Award – Best Male Artist…!


In just 4 short years, Han Geng had swept 3 major International awards and all for his work as a singer. This is the irony, because years ago, he was labelled as having weak vocals and not a good singer.. yes I admit that he is not as good as other powerful singers BUT his voice has a unique and attractive quality which made him successful in his selections of songs. That is the key to his success and the secret weapon he has is GengRice who believed in him and supported him through thick and thin. If he is successful, then his GFs too will be reflected on favourably. No matter what happens, his Wings of Love will be by his side for the next 20 years. That was their pact with him..


In 2010, he…

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