Because You are Han Geng

Greetings to Han Geng on his birthday February 9…..


a year older, a year wiser!

You scaled the heights and achieved your dreams!

You sing your way into the hearts of hundreds, nay tens of thousands!

You make the hearts of GengFans flutter and charmed the GengKnights with your banter!

You climbed the ladder of success rung by rung, you defied the odds and circumnavigate the world with an EMA Globe!

You fought off the criticisms by and large and came out determined! You went through black propaganda and came out unfazed!

You opt for family gathering rather than the “live’ grand stage of Spring Gala Night! You value family over fame!

You treasure your friends and keep them close with you; but I say “Keep your enemies closer” for you never know when they  strike!

So we and our readers of this blog would like…

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