Because You are Han Geng

I wanted to start this year with something positive and pleasant in this blog of Han Geng’s but it seems that it will be half and half.

For a start, his concert which was scheduled for Thailand in January was postponed indefinitely and so was WMA. Fans were “crazily voting” for him when news came in that due to logistics and visas issues, the event was postponed to a later date pending further announcements.

So what do we do in the meantime? We continue to vote where it is applicable regardless.We continue to “defend” Han Geng! We continue to “protect” him! We continue to “support” him! Maybe some of us are too busy with our private lives that we can’t be consistently  keeping up with his affairs, right?

What I do know is  that Han Geng had a lightning visit to Thailand! What he did there, nobody seems to know!

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